A chilling innovation

Take the heat out of cooling.

SnapChill-Header3 When you think about the milk you produce, it represents a huge investment and an important income stream. Snapchill is the simple, cost effective way to protect both.


Cooling milk with Snapchill saves money. All cooling and heating is carried out during off-peak hours when power is cheaper. Snapchill heats as it cools, so there is no need to power a separate tank to heat water for the plant wash.

Your best chance at being grade-free.

Snapchill keeps your milk in optimum condition before collection. Milk is chilled before it hits your vat. It means there is little change in vat temperature as new milk is added. While it chills, enough heat is recovered to produce scalding hot water for the plant wash. It offers you the best chance to be rejection and grade-free.


Snapchill is beautifully simple, which means it’s reliable. Traditional refrigerants such as Glycol degrade over time. Snapchill doesn’t rely on chemicals, so it remains effective with minimal maintenance.

Regulation ready.

Snapchill performs. The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has changed the regulations governing milk temperature to align with the European Union. Snapchill complies with the new MPI NZCP1 regulations, due to come into effect
between 1 August 2016 and 1 June 2018.